Construction Sites & Civil Engineering Security Services

Construction and commercial sites are an easy and accessible target to youths, criminal gangs or even scrap merchants. The high value of plant, fuel, equipment and materials, such as copper and lead, can be a good incentive for opportunist criminals to make quick and easy profit. Each month more than 500 machines are stolen from construction and rural sites ( bfmmagazine, May 2014 ) Theft alone costs the UK construction industry more than £800M a year with less than 10% recovered. In many cases stolen equipment and materials get shipped outside the country within 24 hours.

Whether you are looking for a temporary security guarding service for a building site or you are looking to secure a warehouse , we can provide you with a 24/7 security guarding service. Our specialist security guards ensure that your site is fully protected. They act as a visual deterrent when the site is closed and act as firewall during business hours, allowing in only authorised personnel.

Health & Safety Risk Assessment

The first step after we take on a new project is to conduct a thorough Health & Safety Risk Assessment to identify and reduce any risk to acceptable or at least tolerable level.

  1. First we identify the different types of hazards ( negligible, with marginal effect, critical and catastrophic) related to certain activities.
  2. Then identify the number of people affected by each activities and related risks.
  3. Determine both, level and status of each risk by calculating the likelihood and severity of a hazard. Each risk score is the product of likelihood X severity.
  4. For each activity we suggest control measures and once again we recalculate the likelihood and severity of hazards based on given control measures. Risk level and status should be lower after this stage.

As it's impossible to protect a building site against every possible threat and the risks that may affect the site could change anytime , risk Assessment Reports should be reviewed regularly and each report should be done separately.

We provide Health & Safety Risk Assessment services free of charge as part of our security services when we take on a new contract.

How We Can Help Secure Your Site

Real-time Patrol Monitoring & Management

We use the latest Guard Patrol System to monitor security guards' patrol routines and activities. We place RFID tags around the site so that whoever is on duty has to patrol the site at specific times. Site managers can monitor security operations and view report incidents in real-time. Any incident report or missed checkpoint can be sent instantly to the control room or site managers.

The system saves our security guards lot of time, and instead of spending time writing reports and making pointless phone calls to our control room, they can simply carry our with their routine.

All our security guards are fully licensed by the UK SIA authority and have undergone a comprehensive 5 year vetting and screening programmes.

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