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Birmingham Security Services Ltd is an equal opportunities employer. We believe that every employee is integral to our success. The company is committed to and operates a policy of equal opportunity. All applicants and employees will be treated fairly on the basis of their ability and expertise , without discrimination on the grounds of gender, marital status, race or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, religious belief, or physical or mental disability.

We are always looking for confident, experienced and good communicators who are local to Birmingham and the West Midlands region. We expect you to be

  1. Able to use your own initiative and make the right decision in a conflict or emergency situations
  2. Polite, helpful and approachable. You should keep calm at any situation
  3. Have an keen eye for details and able to interpret body language and intercept problems before they escalate
  4. Look the part. You are expected to maintain clean and smart image
  5. Reliable, mature, honest and have a sense of responsibility. You should be able to work behind the scenes without supervision.
  6. Have common sense and good judgement
  7. Have strong verbal and oral communication. You should also be good at listening to our clients and the general public
  8. Have enough training and expertise for your role.
  9. Passionate, self-motivated and love what you do

Fill and submit the below job application and we will get in touch when there is a suitable vacancy.

Please don't contact us to enquire about the progress of your application . We will contact you when we match your location, skills and experience to the right vacancy.

Job Application

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