Announcement: Beware of working for or with this rogue security company - Cotswold Security

Cotswold Security is a rogue security firm based in Evesham. Currently they are trading with two names: Cotswold Security and Cotswold Security Group.

Currently James, the director is looking how to liquidate the old name with lot of debts and keep trading as usual with the new name with the same clients, team and office. They just changed the uniforms, the logo, website and registered the new company with a female name.

Cotswold Security subcontract from SGL Group and Wilson James but they never cover the sites themselves as they cannot do that for the fact they are useless and they don't have guards. So they get in touch with security companies from Birmingham but never pay them at the end. And as there are many security companies in Birmingham, so there is always one who never heard of them.

Wilson James are aware of this but they are OK with that as long their sites are covered. As for SGL Group, when we sent one message, here in LinkedIn to one of their management, they replied straightaway how much Cotswold owe us.

Last week we contacted Wilson James regarding many months of unpaid work we've done for Cotswold Security one year ago, they replied it's not their problem and that they have a good relationship with Cotswold Security. No surprise there why they lost the Royal Shakespeare Company contract, few month ago!

So if you are one of their clients, you are using thieves to look after your business, and if you are security company, you should never work with them.

Opportunists often target easy and safe targets

Before deciding to hire a security company, you may take a bit of your time and effort to reduce burglary and secure your premises. We have compiled a comprehensive list of tips on how to protect your home against intruders and how to deal with them.

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How To Protect Your Home Against Intruders

Security is better when it's built in - not bolted on

Stephen Yu

It's bad enough when burglars rob you of your valuable properties, but the emotional shock of having your home invaded can be deeply upsetting. The devastation can be even more crashing if our complacency has been the main cause. Our common reaction is usually surprise and fear as we never thought it could happen to us and we are not sure if it will happen again.

Unlike many other crimes, burglary can be prevented if you take the necessary measures to safeguard your home or business premises. As a home or business owner, you should take the time and effort to secure your premises.

It's always necessary to prioritize your health and safety before your home security. The harder you make it for thieves to get in, the harder it will be for emergency services. If you put bars on your windows, you put your and your family's lives at risk in case of fire. You may put bars on the windows of the first floor, but not one the second floor.

Before leaving your home, make sure you shut off water main. A water leak could destroy and water log your home.

Always remember that it's almost impossible to make your house or business break-in proof even if you turn it into a suburban fort.

Try not to make yourself look like an attractive target: thieves break in mainly because of our predictable habits and complacency. If in doubt, look in the surrounding houses and adjust accordingly.

If you can remove the opportunity, you may prevent the burglary.

Look at your house the way a burglar does.

Think like a burglar to beat the burglars.

How To Deal With Intruders

It's very rare for intruders to break-in homes knowing that the owner(s) is inside. 86 percent, according to a new data analysis by Churchill Home Insurance would leave without confronting whoever is inside their target home. More than 75 per cent abandon burglaries once they hear somebody inside. As for the rest, they are called 'creepers'. They specialize in night time burglaries and they often have a professional attitude when targeting easy and safe targets.

According to the new research, most people in the UK, are not aware of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to protecting themselves and their properties. about 50 percent don't understand what is the legal definition of reasonable force. In fact many believe there are no laws addressing their right to protect themseleves. Some even believe they are legally allowed to set a trap to snare potential intruders!

Burglars,too, are aware of the new laws which came into place in 2013, but more than two third of them think they had little effect on how they approach burglaries as they are always very careful not to get face-to-face with their victims in any case to avoid any confrontation.

According to to Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) "Anyone can use reasonable to protect themselves or others, or to carry out an arrest or to prevent crime". However, the level of force must be reasonable. The householder should use reasonable force according to the circumstances of the burglary.

If you suspect there is an intruder in your home:

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