Remote Monitoring Services

Remote monitoring presents an effective and cost-effective security solution for those who are looking to protect their businesses, homes, assets and staff. Companies who rely on manned security guarding can save more than 80% on annual security bill when they switch to remote monitoring. We provide the service as an alternative to the traditional manned guarding or as a complement the loss prevention and property protection services we provide for large retail stores and commercial premises.

Most of today's modern surveillance systems can be easily integrated to intruder alarm, fire alarm and access control systems. They can detect, warn. track and identify unauthorized intruders. Whenever one of our clients' cameras identifies any suspicious activity, our operators focus in on the live footage and assess each incident in real time and then notify the response partner or the local authority. If there is an intruder at the premises, our operators send an audio warning informing the intruder(s) that they are being monitored and that if they don't leave, further action will be taken.

This is the sequence of event in a typical remote monitoring incident happening at a time when the site is unattended:

  1. The surveillance system detects an intruder, fire or any other suspicious activity
  2. Detectors trigger an alarm and sends it instantly to the control room along with a real-time footage
  3. Our operator view the area of activation; review the footage and check all the blind spots of the premises
  4. If the trespasser is detected or suspicious activity is spotted, our operators issue an immediate audio warning
  5. If there are guards or staff on site our operators ensure the appropriate level of support is provided till the site is secured.
  6. Our operatives track the trespasser and contact the the key holder, local authority, care taker or emergency services.
  7. Response team or the police detain the trespasser and secure the site.

Retail Loss Prevention

Large retail stores need more than one store detective to make sure any theft or theft attempt is noticed. By using remote monitoring, our operators can have a panoramic view of all the departments of the store and investigate any suspicious incident in real-time. Knowing that the store is constantly monitored makes your staff feel more comfortable and secure. Any violence against them is easily detected which makes prosecution more effective. If there are no store detectives on site, our operators can communicate with the store staff instead.

Cameras with built-in motion detection can detect motion in selected spots and start recording automatically. They trigger alerts ( sound, light and alarm) whenever a customer enters certain areas or deliveries being made. This can easily save all the cost of manned guarding when the store is closed during the weekend as any motion automatically triggers an alarm. The cameras we use can automatically switch from day to night recording.

Shoplifters often refrain from any theft attempt if they see clearly that the store is being monitored. A slave monitor can be installed right at the entrance to alert all customers to the presence of a surveillance system as soon as they enter the store. Extra monitors can also be installed near the till area and in the back office.

The smart cameras we use can also automatically monitor cash desk and record transaction from multiple tills. They are usually placed in key areas such as shelves, tills, store rooms and the blind spots of the store.

Store managers or owners can check on their premises from anywhere while they are away.

We provide retail monitoring services to large retail stores such as convenience stores, fast food outlets, banks, building societies, car showrooms, jewelers, and Swiss luxury watches shops.

Business Premises Monitoring

Our business premises remote monitoring services are ideal for empty business premises at risk of vandalism, arson, or theft. First we place deterrent signs and then place self-powered and wireless cameras around the building. Depending on the size of the building, we place a number of Passive InfraRed (PIR) detectors and then link them to an onsite control box. As soon as the alarm is triggered, the activation details is sent by the GPRS-connected box to The alarm receiving centre. The operators then can track the movement of the intruder and communicate with an SIA accredited patrol response company so they can attend the site as soon as possible.

Our business premises remote monitoring services are also ideal for warehouses, distribution centres, industrial premises, offices, schools, colleges and universities when they are unattended at night time or on the weekend.

Residential Monitoring

When you are away from home for the weekend or a holiday, you don't have to hire manned guarding services to be around your house round-the-clock. Using our remote monitoring services, none of your neighbours will notice you are away while we watch your home from the inside and outside for as long as it takes to get back home.

Lone Worker, vulnerable People & Pet Monitoring

We also provide personalized remote monitoring services to:

Surveillance System Installation or upgrade

If you haven't installed a surveillance system yet, we have the right team to advise you on design, installation & maintenance. We make sure you make an informed decision and the most of your budget. We also make sure that our installed CCTV systems are scalable and future proof and any additional cameras could be added without any significant or costly changes or improvements. we mainly use cameras with built-in features such as audio detection, motion detection, tampering alarm and event management.

Designing and installing your security system would be just the start of a long relationship. All security systems need to be serviced and maintained for various reasons. We will provide you with an ongoing maintenance for the lifetime of the system, even after the end of your warranty.

We carry out our maintenance services during out of office hours or at the weekend to ensure minimal disruption to your business services. You will have direct access to an engineer who will deal with your problem in case of any incident.


We don't host any server in our premises. To make sure it's 100% fail safe and secure, the cluster of servers, we use, is housed in one of the most secure and resilient data centres in the UK.

Your Data

Saving our clients' data to the cloud is way more secure and accessible than on our own DVRs or NVRs. All recorded footage is stored in a dedicated cloud management system. Using any connected device, you can view, playback, manage and share CCTV footage from anywhere, at any time.

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We provide 24-hour monitoring and surveillance to commercial, industrial and residential premises in the UK and overseas. Our control centre is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it's a small retail store or large retail warehouse, and however large or small is your surveillance system, we can provide you with round-the-clock remote monitoring services.

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